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First I would like to say that... I passed the Windows cert!

We are currently working on networking! We have mainly focused on the Internet, TCP/IP, and the OSI Model!

The Intenet is amazing! The Internet is a world of computing devices that all communicate with each other

TCP is the Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is responsible for reliable transmission of packets, correccting errors if there are any

IP is Internet Protocol, tied to IP addresses which is what identifies devices

Lastly, the OSI Model. The OSI Model has 7 layers, each one responsible for how networking works!

The 7 Layers

Physical Layer is the first layer, and it is responsible for turning data into electrical signals

Data Link Layer is second layer and it is responsible for showing physical adresses such as the MAC Adress

Network Layer is the third layer and handles IP addresses, coming from or going to

Transport Layer is the fourth layer and it handles TCP/UDP

Session Layer is the fifth layer and it handles sessions between end-user application processes

Presentation Layer is the sixth layer, it identifies data by compression and encryption (only if needed)

Last but not least, the Application Layer which ties in with HTTP,HTTPS,TTP.SSL,Telnet


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