Emanuel Vega's Awesome Website!

Hello my name is Emanuel Vega and this is my Website! Every line of code used in this website has been created and maintained by me. I hope you enjoy the expererience!

About me and my time in IT!

I initially went into Information Technology initially because I wanted to learn about software development. I have learned Python, HTML, and CSS during my Freshman year. I hope to learn more about these subjects and more for the next few years. I am excited to think about what I can do with Computers when I graduate!

Things I find fun to do!

Some images to let you know what it is like in IT!

Technology Definition Raspberry Pi Twister OS theme Python programming

My Completed Projects from Freshman and Sophomore Year!

Project Name Link To Project
Variables Project Variables
Timer Project Timer
Magic8Ball Project TheMagic8Ball
Binary Project BinaryConverter (My Personal Favorite)
Easter Challenge Project EasterDayChallenge!
Temperature Project TemperatureConverter!
Fibonacci Project Fibonacci!
Numbers Project NumberGame!
Independent Challenge Payroll! (This was the most fun to code)
Dictionary Project! Dictionary

Here is also a link to my Javascript Page!

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