In [9]:
#The Mystical and Amazing 8Ball
#Made by Emanuel Vega
#This Magic 8Ball will make a random answer to any question you seek!

#Ill start by importing functionns from their libraries

from random import randint #Random Integer from a library

from IPython.display import clear_output #Clear_output from the python library

from time import sleep #sleep from the time library

#Im creating Responses!
response = ["Yes", "No", "I don't think so", "I believe so!", "Im too tired, ask later", "Sure, why not", "Yeah...thats a no", "Absolutely!", "Absolutely...Not!", "I can't predict that!", "Ok", "Sorry but I think that's a no", "Of course that's a yes!", "I dont like your question, ask something else...", "The Magic Counsel says yes","The Magic Counsel says no", "I sure hope so!", "I sure hope not!","Yeah!", "Nah!"]

#The Exit Function!
def leave():
    ExitQ = input("Would you like to go again? Y, y or N, n =>")
    if ExitQ == "Y" or ExitQ == "y":
    elif ExitQ == "N" or ExitQ == "n":
        print("The Magic Counsel wishes you a good day!")
def main():
    #Im making a sleep timer to help give the user the illusion of thought
    sleepClock = randint(3, 6)
    #This function lets me pick a random response from the list i made!
    RespondedItem = randint(0, 19)
    #This here is the asking question!
    question = input("What is your question young human?, The Magic Counsel shall answer! ==> ")
    if question == "":
        question = "The is the Magic Counsel's answer to your question."
    #Clearing the screen now!
    print("The Magic Counsel is discussing your question...")
    #This is the sleep command which utilizes the sleepClock from before!
    #This prints out the Magic Counsel's Question
    print("{} \n".format(question))
    #This makes you exit the magic ball!
The Magic Counsel wishes you a good day!