Welcome to Platt Info Tech!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a game? Have you ever wondered how programs or simulations operate? Ever wanted to protect people's privacy and learn cyber security? Or maybe you want to create something new of your own! IT allows you to create anything; your limits are your imagination. Technology can be used in all types of situations and environments! From outside in nature to a rocketship in space. IT has it all! Here, we focus on all technology related topics. If you want to win, pick IT!
Working in IT requires a lot of dedication and hardwork, because often times when you want to succeed in this field you will not always be able to find a direct answer; infact the answers arent always so clear especially when dealing with new problems. IT is not a step to step process, its understanding everything you can about a certain area to help you fix or create what you need. Technology is always evolving and so there are many new ways to do something, always something more you need to learn. Here in IT you learn to troubleshoot and teach yourself to solve problems and new concepts; being a self learner is the key to succeeding in this feild.

Here in IT you work on various different aspects of what the technology field has to offer: we work on programming languages such as Javascript, SQL, Python, and more. You can work on hardware and robotics, 3D graphics and game development as well. Anything you can dream, you can do IT in IT.
Working in IT does not just mean to be good with programming or hardware, but to also be able to help people with their computer issues and have good communicative skills to assist them. Often times when you work in IT you will be helping others with their computer issues, whether thats in a working environment or in a service environment; often times you will be dealing with and working with many people. The work in IT may be independent, but you always are interacting with others to help you get there. You need to make sure that you are good at getting your points and questions across.

Most fields in technology revolve around consumers and how your products and or innovations will influence and or help those consumers. Technology can be used in entertainment to hospitals; hence you need to learn how to create something interactive, safe, and good for the consumer. If there are any issues you need to be able to come to the user, consumer, or tester and help them directly with their needs or suggestions.