About Me!

Hi my name is Aaron and I am an IT student.

I joined IT because I have a strong interest in technology and computers.

It's pretty fun to program my own code and see what it does on a computer.

At the top you may notice a menu.

You can press the "My Work" tab to see all the work I have done in the time I have been in this shop.

There is some very useful code in there, such as a Binary Converter. The Binary Converter takes 1's and 0's and turns them into real decimal numbers.

There is also a Temperature Converterter that converts Farenheit to Celcius, and Celcius to Fahrenheit.

Check it out, there are plenty of neat things in there.

Next to that there is a button that says "Contact",
If you ever need me for anything IT related, feel free to contact me and I'll try to help

The last button is a button that redirets you to the Platt Info Tech website.

There you will everything related to this shop, I encourage you to check out other websites on that page as well.

On that page you can find every resource and referecnce we use in that shop, from coding tutorials to editors.