So my name is shawn hernandez, but you probably already know that considering you're on my webpage also know as the best webpage in the world.

I'll tell who ever is reading this a bit about me, my 3 top shop choices were culinary, cadd, and IT (information technology), I chose IT because the room had the best AC. All jokes aside I chose It because I wanted to learn how to code from a very young age of my life. I also want to learn how to build pc because buying the parts separately is much cheaper and you have control of what's in your pc

Things I Enjoy

pathfinder ghost

Some things I enjoy to do other than coding and such is to go swimming mainly because I enjoy the feeling of weightlessness when im submerged in water. I also enjoy playing a lot of video games(shocker). Most of those games are played on my pc and consist of Apex Legends, Titanfall 2, Destiny 2, a bullet hell series, and devil may cry 5. I also like watching a whole lot of anime

My projects

Here are a few of my projects.

Python Countdown Python Variables Magic 8 Ball Binary Number Decoder Python Challenge Temperature Converter Fibonacci Sequence Javascript Projects